19 Feb 2012

Sneezy Greetings

I was actually supposed to do a belated Valentine's post, but - lucky for you - I got ill, which means that instead of drowning you in an overload of delayed digital hearts, this will be my attempt in begging for pity points.

My thesis aka editing an entire bookazine has kept me busy and away from leading a double life as a part-time illustrator. This week, we are having our second Design Bootcamp to work on some layouts. It's hard work, but loads of fun too: in between all the serious photoshopping and indesigning, we listen to Spice Girls (oh yes..) and this:

But anyway, the point of this post was probably to let the cyberspace know that despite of being ill and having my head full of god knows what, I am still alive and kicking. And so is that doll, an old friend from last year.


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