24 Dec 2011

Amazing anti-Christmas

As a fan of tacky pullovers, chocolate overdoses and other Christmas related things, I wanted to do something Christmassy on my blog as well. My epic plan of making a seasonal illustration failed due to lack of time, as my hunt for presents started only three days before the D-Day and I ended up spending most of my time running around the city, not finding the things that I wanted to find and ending up baking cookies instead. No matter how burned, home-made presents will always be found sympathetic by the receiver, hence they are the perfect choice for all us desperate last minute souls. Just saying.

But anyway, a long story short: no Christmas illustrations this year. My plan B might have involved Wham and a certain song called "Last Christmas", but lucky for you I ended up discovering some amusing Christmas animations made by Treat, a collective of 6 animators, so I'll share them with you instead. They are a nice example of how to transform a seemingly boring Christmas theme into something amazing - amazing in this case meaning robots, lasers and cool stuff like that.

PS. To anyone who received burned cookies from me this year: my apologies. I'll promise to invest on an egg timer.


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