25 Aug 2011

Nudes of the week #6

To correct myself, this is not about the nudes of the week - it's actually one single nude and a dog of the week. Why? You know how those life models are always sitting on a platform surrounded by pillows and draped fabrics? Well, in our class we don't really like those kind of props - we like dogs better. The one last week was called Muffy, a funny old one who parked himself on top of my bag that was lying on the floor once I had made the mistake of petting him. But he was a nice doggy, one of those who at times look as if they were laughing (although underneath he has a very serious face).
Both the dog and the actual model were as nude as they could be, so in reality no animals were tortured with ties.

Dear Londoners,

There's no denying the fact that sometimes not living in London makes me really, really sad. But to the ones luckier than me, here's a tip: The Big Draw's Big Splash. Go on, click on the link and go doodle with Quentin Blake, make a fashion zine with Nina Chakrabarti and become the best bubble writer in the world.

And here are some happy news for all the starving artists: it's all for free!
*NB: Okay, so apparently I fell pretty hard for my own advertising...Just booked a bus trip to London, hence attending and feeling less sorry for myself not living there. Anyone else coming? :)

5 Aug 2011

Case of the mystery box

This mystery box that was waiting for me at the studio forced me to jump around a little! Filled with some of the postcards I made for Drawing Room a while ago, I felt like a proud parent (or a postcard maniac with a mental sparkle in my eyes) turning these babies around in my hands and fondling their shiny coating. They turned out just perfect! And no, this is not just proud mommy talk...or maybe just a little bit.

Now all I need is to do is to get some stamps and start sending these dolls and ponies around the world. If you like them, just digitally tap my shoulder and one day there might be a horse waiting behind your door. :)

3 Aug 2011

Nudes of the week #5

It's back to business with the pink socks and weekly nudes! I admit I'm very much slipping from trying to improve my actual life drawing skills into playing around with colours and focusing on the oh-so-interesting details like socks. But oh well - at least I'm having fun.