27 Feb 2011

London Fashion Week


The good thing in not being able to attend Fashion Weeks is that

a) you won't be totally exhausted afterwards
b) ......ummmm, can't really think of anything else.

Anyway, I took part in spirit last week during the London Fashion Week by doing some illustrations for Amelia's Magazine . I've never drawn from catwalk pictures before, but it turned out to be really great fun! Obviously, also good practice in drawing shoes and hands, which at times tends to give me grey hair (note: this is not the reason why the limbs got chopped off in one of the images).

I contributed only to a few reviews, but if you want to browse through some really nice stuff, there's plenty of illustrations to awe at. Particularly liked the work of Erica Sharp here.

19 Feb 2011

Of course, Henry The Horse

I've been locked inside for two days already, thanks to my dear friend Flu. After having carried out all the compulsory Being Ill Activities (including quality time with vitamin C, drinking tea and watching bad reality TV shows), I thought I could just as well be productive and draw something.

So, in between all the sneezing and coughing, I finished a piece that's been lying in my drawer since a film called "Across The Universe" urged me to draw my own version of one of the legendary Beatles-characters, Henry The Horse. That was almost a year ago, so I owned my forgotten horsey an apology: thus, he got a pair of Dr Martens and his own dance studio. See, he can waltz but he's quite a ballerina, too.


14 Feb 2011


I am Emmi and this is the first portrait I've ever made of myself. I think it sort of looks like me, but just in case it doesn't, this is who I am:

I am an apple addict (referring to the fruit now, although I do love my apple MacBook as well), a fashion student and an aspiring illustrator. I love everything that involves holding a pencil in my hand and greatly dislike DHL trucks, folding sheets and playing Monopoly. I have extremely pale skin and eyebrows so blond that most people would probably be surprised to know I even have them. But I do.

I also have a fascination with brown wrapping paper, a tendency to overuse the word "cool" and a neurotic relationship with a huge tea mug that my cousin brought from Prague. I collect people's shopping lists and other random notes lying in the streets, even though I know picking up dirty things from the ground isn't really what mums encourage us to do. But anyway, I'm sure a historian from the future would thank me for doing it

This will be my digital sketchbook. Hope you'll like it!