29 Mar 2011

Notes on spring and pigeons

Not much news from my headquarters lately, I've been busy trying to synchronize work with getting an overdose of vitamin D. So far, it has resulted in living on tea and working through the nights after all the sunny hours well spent on chilling outside. Today I actually managed to burn my cheeks, which is clearly a hint from Spring suggesting that I should either go hardcore with my SPF 50 sun block or spend more time indoors, drawing. Spring has a point there.

Talking about spring, the pigeons in Amsterdam seem to be in the mood for it, spreading their bird love all over the parks. Like Big Time. It's quite a lot of fun to watch, though I don't think pigeons chasing each other will ever reach the same level of sweetness as the animal love in this animation by Julia Pott.

6 Mar 2011

"Stop talking and breathing for a couple of seconds."

Pretty much anything looks fascinating through a microscope, but I've just discovered something that beats even dead flies 6-0. A microscopically tiny but monumentally cute animation:

The story about the making of is so unbelievable that I could even describe it as jaw-dropping. Yep, big words for a teeny-weeny animation, but seriously: the guys who made this should be awarded a Nobel for their patience.

5 Mar 2011

Saturday stuff

I feel tempted to start with a comment about the weather, but I'll just briefly mention the colour grey and leave it like that. I've been sitting on the floor (undeniably the best place to draw), working on a project I started this week at Drawing Room. I'm interning for them now, so I get to draw a lot, all day and every day, which is just perfect - worth of a hooray, hurrah and a yey!

Saturday Stuff

Also, this miniature fashion model with her pie cup stand went online today together with the DAKS catwalk review on Amelia's Magazine.

That's all the Saturday news and chitchat. The pencils from my floor office are calling now, so back to work I go!