28 Apr 2011

Bit of bugs

FYI, I quite like drawing insects! In an "eeeew, look at that" kind of way, googling inspiration images is also a lot of fun.

Here're some tech-bugs in progress, the friends of the ant-face featured in the previous post. All of these guys are part of a project I've been working on to illustrate an entire deck of playing cards for Drawing Room. 52 cards means the same amount of these creepy-crawlies, so I guess my room will start buzzing soon.

bugs by Emmi Ojala

14 Apr 2011

Geeky greetings!

Here's one of the guys I've been playing with for the past few days, sending geeky greetings to you! I'm working on a project that involves drawing a lot of technological characters, so most likely this one won't be the last to come and say hi. :)

(He has a face of an ant, doesn't he?)

11 Apr 2011


The day you realize that your level of happiness is directly proportional to the number of bulldog figurines you own, you might as well

a) question your sense of style
b) start calling yourself a crazy bulldog lady
c) be happy about the fact that if you all of a sudden choke to death, your face won't be eaten by cats. Instead, it will rot safe and sound with porcelain dogs, which is a lot less nastier.

I know this doesn't have anything to do with illustration at all, but I need to channel this ridiculous amount of excitement over that white dog (left) I found at a market today to accompany the doggy (right) I already had.

Just look at them - aren't they perfect together?

10 Apr 2011

Attention, birds!

Once again, pigeons. Having been a bit worried about their diet lately, I sketched a Pigeon Health Awareness poster whilst sitting in a park today. If someone wants to sponsor this campaign, I'll promise to make "Fly high, keep your cholesterol down" and "Eat seeds, drink fish oil" posters free of charge.


7 Apr 2011

Toy Story

Not sure if Bratz dolls were inspired by pin-up (their lips certainly hint more towards Botox), but it goes without saying that if Toy Olympics existed, those modern barbies would get the highest scores in flirt. We at Drawing Room thought this was a little unfair and - being big fans of old school toys - decided to show it's not only the Bratzies that can compete in the seduction category.

Hence, introducing to you my latest illus: innocently kittenish toys, soon to be printed on postcards. Was so much (nostalgic) fun drawing them, made me want to find my own good ol' collection of My Little Ponies and put them in a glass vitrine. On a royal velvet pillow.