7 Apr 2011

Toy Story

Not sure if Bratz dolls were inspired by pin-up (their lips certainly hint more towards Botox), but it goes without saying that if Toy Olympics existed, those modern barbies would get the highest scores in flirt. We at Drawing Room thought this was a little unfair and - being big fans of old school toys - decided to show it's not only the Bratzies that can compete in the seduction category.

Hence, introducing to you my latest illus: innocently kittenish toys, soon to be printed on postcards. Was so much (nostalgic) fun drawing them, made me want to find my own good ol' collection of My Little Ponies and put them in a glass vitrine. On a royal velvet pillow.



  1. Great cards!! I have been sending them to friends and family!! Love them.

  2. Hehe, me too! Everyone around me has at least one. :)