27 Jul 2011

Nocturnal project

Emmi's ABC
PS. I don't think I have ever heard the 6 o'clock morning news on the radio before. Now I have -how exciting!

18 Jul 2011

Nudes of the week #4

You know those things that you always find when searching for something totally different? My water-soluble wax pastels are one of them. They've been hiding in my drawers untouched for about 4 years, so yesterday I decided to take them out to play with me and some nude models.

I quite liked messing around with the colours and water (to the point where I started hurrying through the sketches just so I could start adding colour on them sooner!). Now I've placed the pastels on the top of the pile on my desk, so the next time I'll remember to use them won't hopefully be in another 4 years.


5 Jul 2011

Wait up, I still wear clothing

Fear no more, for even though the lines I've been drawing lately seem to have been focusing on nudity, this blog shall not be turning into a nude beach of illustrations. Despite the weekly nudes, I still wear clothes and - for your information - do so every day.

To prove my point, here's a piece I made for Gemma Correll's What I Wore Today a few weeks ago. I got that dress at a swap party from a girl who after having suffered from stripe syndrome was finally ready to let her inner zebra go: in fact, the French sailor shirt in one of my earlier posts used to belong to her, too! And now that I got started, I might as well mention that the bag is my grandma's old, and those extremely uncomfortable but cute shoes were found at a flea market a few years ago.
What I Wore Today by Emmi Ojala

4 Jul 2011

Nude(s) of the week #3

I'm about to show you something that
a) does not look like something I drew and
b) is not drawn with a pencil of mine.

Why? Because yesterday, someone actually taught me how to draw life models. Did you know, that the body is 7 1/2 heads high and the torso from the waist up can fit three heads on top of each other? I didn't, but now I do. I also know that all these facts and trying to put them in practice whilst drawing really made me feel like I never drew before. I also had to ditch my pencils and draw with a thing called graphite, and that actually was the first time. As if this wasn't enough to put me out of my comfort zone, I had to do this all in big scale on a huge paper, which is one of my greatest dislikes. I learned so much, but deep inside I just wanted to dig out my little sketchbooks and draw puppets with abnormally large heads.

Nude of the week vol 3
Though I've got to admit, I got quite enthusiastic about playing with the water soluable graphite.