1 May 2011

What I wore today

Last week, I ran into this super nice blog called What I Wore Today. Yes, I know there are plenty of blogs with pictures of random outfits of random people, but this one is different: it's a blog and a flickr group for those who don't like posting photos of themselves on the web, but do like drawing. Hence, no typical fashion blogger poses here, just heaps of illustrated outfits drawn by different people.

I love the idea and the way Gemma Correll, the brain behind this project, has put it all together, and today whilst idling my Sunday away the itch to contribute got too big.

So before I start jabbering: ta-daa!

What I wore today by Emmi Ojala

PS. I kid you not, everybody seriously thought I was French. Oh mon dieu, what a cliché!


  1. so cute! it's funny when you take myths as reality. i suppose it's because the little we do know about something, we exaggerate.

  2. @
    Yea, I would have thought that because everybody knows those stereotypes no-one would really take them seriously. It's strange, although on the other hand it's nice to know that a beret and some stripes are all it takes to disguise oneself as an elegant (?) Parisienne, hehe.