14 Feb 2011


I am Emmi and this is the first portrait I've ever made of myself. I think it sort of looks like me, but just in case it doesn't, this is who I am:

I am an apple addict (referring to the fruit now, although I do love my apple MacBook as well), a fashion student and an aspiring illustrator. I love everything that involves holding a pencil in my hand and greatly dislike DHL trucks, folding sheets and playing Monopoly. I have extremely pale skin and eyebrows so blond that most people would probably be surprised to know I even have them. But I do.

I also have a fascination with brown wrapping paper, a tendency to overuse the word "cool" and a neurotic relationship with a huge tea mug that my cousin brought from Prague. I collect people's shopping lists and other random notes lying in the streets, even though I know picking up dirty things from the ground isn't really what mums encourage us to do. But anyway, I'm sure a historian from the future would thank me for doing it

This will be my digital sketchbook. Hope you'll like it!


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