23 Dec 2014

Burning questions and Christmas greetings

Last day of work before the holidays! Tonight I'm heading off to my family in Brussels. Until then, I'll be working with one hand whilst stuffing my bag with pepernoten (gingerbread kind of Christmassy cookies) and presents with the other. The biggest questions at the moment are the following:

1. Can you compensate the lack of snow with an excessive amount of Christmas carols?
2. Will I be able to get up early enough tomorrow to watch Santa's hotline?
3. Will Santa accept phone calls also from people at the tender age of 26?
4. Will the Christmas turkey be as delicious in Belgium as it is in Finland?
5. Will I be able to persuade my boyfriend to taste gingerbread cookie dough?
6. How will I wrap a hula hoop?

Merry Christmas to you all, lots of chillaxing and Gl├╝hwein!


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