11 Dec 2014

A therapeutic doggie bag

Having something that you made coming from the printer looking _exactly_ like you dreamed it would is almost as rare as giant pandas. Yet, a while back the giant panda of printing happened, and for that I have the printer and a comment of a friend to thank for:

After I had designed a cat bag for SUPERSWEET x moumi collection, a good friend of mine complimented it by saying that she would order it, but she is more of a dog person. Without realising it herself, her comment put me on a serious mission called Doggie Bag. Inspired by our shared history of studying psychology back in high school, joking about Freud and his theories and even visiting his house in London a few years ago, I decided to draw her a dog with a therapeutic twist.

Now, anyone who has ever gotten their designs printed probably knows that usually there is always something - even just a tiny little detail or tint of colour - that isn't quite as perfect as you'd like it to be. On top of the usual risk factor, this was also the first time I was to have a digital design printed on textile, so I really didn't know what to expect from the result.

When I went to pick up the bag from the printer, that's when the giant panda of printing came along, making me a broken record repeating "thank you" and "it's perfect" over and over again. If I was any more sentimental, I would probably have had tears in my eyes! I was just so incredibly glad with the result, the bag looked just like I had hoped it would! It truly made the happiest and most thankful critical customer the printer had seen in a while.

I hope the dog and the memories of the times when our minds were filled with Freud-jokes (of questionable quality, I may add) and theories of psychological development will accompany my friend to many supermarkets, libraries, beaches or wherever tote bags go!

Now, I have a few of these bags left, so if you know a dog person or would like to carry a tribute to dogs over your own shoulder, you can get this tote bag for 22 euros + shipping. The doggie bag is 100% off-white cotton with long handles and no leftovers inside. If you are interested, just raise your hand and leave a comment or send a pigeon straight to e.m.ojala@gmail.com!


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