11 Jun 2011

Visually Appealing Things

So this is my theory: most people like Visually Appealing Things*. Some of these people are also capable of producing such things. These two qualities combined make up an individual with an urge to contribute to spreading nice stuff around his environment. Hence, he/she takes every opportunity to make sure that the population of Paint- and Power Point-made designs reduces, whilst the amount of Visually Appealing Things grows. Result: a prettier world, a more satisfied individual.

*definition likely to be subjective

A while back, my dad asked me to help him out with T-shirts he wanted to print for a nerd club he and his friends formed already before flat screens and laptops existed. They're all computer guys and their club is called TMK, which stands for Tikkakosken Mikrokerhoilijat (translated it would be Microclubbers of Tikkakoski, Tikkakoski being the place where we used to live in Finland). My "briefing" was to create a logo for their summer tour around the Netherlands, and my dad insisted on having some tulips in it to highlight the fact that the tour was taking place in the Netherlands, the land of tulips. (He also suggested having a leaf of cannabis incorporated, but after my mum gave us a strong "NO" from the kitchen we decided to settle for tulips). I was already drowning under my to-do lists and wasn't quite sure whether I would have time for a little side project like this, until my dad said the magical words: "If you don't have time, I can also just quickly put something together with Power Point." Now, referring back to my theory, my mission was to not let this happen!

This is the result printed on a T-shirt after one morning of sketching and photoshopping. The flowers give the shirts a bit of a feminine flare, but I'm sure the microclubbers are men enough to handle that. Cheers to my dad, the TMK Summer Tour shirt and not using Paint nor Power Point!

Note: I always, ALWAYS, use the word "nerd" with a positive connotation.


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