6 Jun 2011

Dear whoever,

If you ever happen to be in London, you should pop in The Vintage Emporium café. It's the loveliest little café/vintage store fusion on Earth. And if you're the kind of whoever who likes drawing, make sure you go there on a Wednesday evening, because then you get to gather around a table with other artsy people and draw the centerpiece, which happens to be a nude model. I used to go to these sessions whilst living in London last year, and next to my friends, scones and coconut filled naan bread it's one of the things I miss the most in that city.
But back to Amsterdam and life drawing business: I've made a comeback and started going to life drawing classes again. For some weird reason, I find it really relaxing, drawing something that is supposed to look realistic whilst my illustrations usually rely heavily on my own imagination.
life drawing by Emmi Ojala


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