10 Jan 2014

Hello 2014!

It's 2014. Here are ten nice things about the year so far.

1. My hair got chopped up to my shoulders and I haven't missed those 25cm of it that were left on the hairdresser's floor. Not even once.

2. I have one illustration project 99,9% finished, another one 75 % done AND a new idea for the next project of my own! I'm really excited about it and think it's a pretty good one. That kind of ideas don't come every day, so it definitely deserves an extra hurray."Hurray!"

3. I have (almost) finished dealing with the nuisance of filing quarterly taxes.

4. Most of the time the weather is cold and rainy, but our radiator works and we have a hot water bottle, too. When he (yes, he) is full, he looks like a chubby old man. We call him Bob.

5. I have one unread issue of Frankie and at least five unwatched episodes of The Mindy Project. (Update: one unwatched episode of The Mindy Project left - just finished watching the other four.)

6. I got introduced to a new dish, when a friend cooked it for New Year's Eve. It is really tasty, cheap and easy to make. Next to that, it is also vegetarian, so all you fellow starving artists and friends of animals: Mercimek Köftesi is the dish of the year!

7. I have three new friends keeping me company whilst working; a trio of small, pretty robins. They were drawn by a lady called Habiba, whom I met a few months ago. She is a harpist and a singer-songwriter, but obviously she is a great artist on paper, too!

8. Our small attic room has new curtains and I am very fond of them. Having my desk right in front of the window, the curtains are quite a prominent element in my daily field of vision, and that should be reason enough to appreciate their niceness.

9. The second edition of Dear Fashion Diary has arrived, and I have a few copies waiting to be picked up from the post office. Next to that, I have finally started filling a diary of my own, which has been really fun! Sneak peeks will follow later!

10. The list of movies me and my boyfriend have watched together since we "hooked up" (Do people still "hook up" these days or is it just something youngsters did back in the 50s..?) has reached the number 240. Last week, we started watching the Rocky hexalogy, and although no one will ever take the place of Indiana Jones in my heart, I must say I like Rocky, too.

+1. Weekend!


  1. Hi, I found you via your 'Dear Fashion Diary' and than I saw your portfolio and now blog! I have to say, I admire your drawings and wish to do something like you do now, someday too! I love illustrating mixed with graphic design and your style is really amazing!


    1. Hey Natasja, you have just put a big (actually a huge) smile on my face - I'm about to blush with all the nice words. :) Just had a browse through your blog as well, and I must say it is a really sweet one! I guess you drew the header yourself, too...? It's incredibly beautiful!

      x, Emmi

    2. Thank you so so much and thank you for following me!
      Yes I did draw my header, still one of my bests I think so thank you! I wrote a post about my portfolio, you can check it out, only if you want to ofcourse!