26 Dec 2012

So this is Christmas...

...and what have you done?

I never really got around to banging the drum for Dear Fashion Journal here, at least not after it got published a few weeks ago. Well, anyway, it's out now and available for ordering! It took me pretty much the whole year to get this baby out, but I'm very happy I did it. :) If you wish to have yourself a copy of this fashion magazine, which - thanks to all the great illustrators I got to work with - is quite an eye candy, just follow this link. As a little extra, I have made it my mission to attach a personal handwritten note to every copy that is ordered online!

Other than working, I have been eating chocolate in Holland, eating chocolate in Finland, wrapping and preparing Christmas presents. This year, I gave my sister a really pretty tote bag made by a brilliant illustrator and Dear Fashion Journal's copy editor Suzanna Knight, and one lucky (?!?) friend of mine got a jar of home-baked cookies. They might have become hard as stone, but nonetheless they were made with love and without any milk (she was recently diagnosed with lactose intolerance). Besides, even a hard cookie softens when dipped into tea!

And so this is Christmas, 
I hope you have fun, 
the near and the dear ones,
the old and the young!


  1. Kylläpä sä oot aivan käsittämättömän lahjakas. VAU. Oon selaillut tätä blogia ja nauttinut.

    1. Voi kiitos kauniista sanoista. :) Kovasti olen minäkin nauttinut sinun päivyristäsi, se toimii osana aamupala-lukemistoani!