14 May 2012

Essyello and facing face-fears

Last week (or was it the week before..? I've been breathing too much of glue fumes lately whilst working on my thesis, so pardon me for the lack of brain cells.) Sauling, the designer behind Essyello Jewellery asked if I would like to illustrate an image for the packaging of the brand's new hair accessory. I got to know Sauling when we were both working on Odd magazine and we have been friends ever since, so I was more than glad to spend my Friday night listening to Keane and illustrating material for her own line. Besides, I was asked to illustrate a face, which is one of those subjects that I don't like to draw, so it was a good opportunity to pay a visit to the outskirts of my comfort zone - long live discomfort and challenging yourself! (Opportunity for a slogan T-shirt business here!)

The end result was very different from my usual style, but I was pretty pleased with it. Seeing that I could quite easily come up with something more sleek and less naive than my personal work was great, especially since I haven't had time to try out different styles and techniques in ages. I wish I could do it more in the future, so it has now been added on top of my to-do list right after "get in touch with someone important ( a president/mom/God/...) who can make days last for 25 hours".


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